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sound processing: SPARTACO CORTESI
text (adapted): ÉDOUARD LEVÉ (Autoportrait)
light design: VALERIA FOTI
production: Fondazione Musica per Roma “Vincitore del Premio Speciale per l'interprete Equilibrio – Roma 2014”, ALDES
with the support of: MIBACT - MINISTERO per i Beni e le Attività Culturali e del turismo / Direz. Generale per lo spettacolo dal vivo, REGIONE TOSCANA / Sistema Regionale dello Spettacolo
collaborations: les ballets c de la b / studio - Gent, MonkeyMind vzw, Santarcangelo dei Teatri
lenght: 30 min. ~

> PREMIERE: 10 February 2016, Roma - Equilibrio Festival / Auditorium Parco della Musica

  • © Marta Comesaña
  • © Marta Comesaña

In 2014 Irene Russolillo was awarded the Best Performer Equilibrio Prize in Rome. The young choreographer and performer, beyond her work as an interpeter, has been working since few years on her own works; through this Prize she was given the chance to produce a new solo to be directed by another choreographer of her choice. Lisi Estaras, Belgium-based argentinian artist, long-time collaborator of Alain Platel's major works and past member of les ballets C de La B choreographers decided to create with and for Irene “the speech”.
Based on a recent solo by Estaras, that premiered last October in Belgium,”the speech” is a new attempt in trying to fill up our personal “empty spaces”. Using our physical and emotional memories can help us to bring them once more close to us. It allows us to get carried away, to manipulate our own story, somehow, similar to many others. A chaotic attempt to talk to the audience and even better, make the audience read our thoughts and language ,made up of extreme gestures. An invitation that reveals something intimate. A desperate and beautiful call or maybe just an excuse to show the very raw of what we are made of.

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