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SPAM! was founded in October 2008 with the support of Regione Toscana in collaboration with Provincia di Lucca (2008>2010) and the municipalities of Capannori (2008-2009), Porcari (2009-2009) and Montecarlo (2008), as a project of public service for the distribution of contemporary performing arts.

Starting from October 2011 SPAM! stops being located in just one space and becomes a “Network for contemporary arts” with the intention of integrating the means already at its disposal with the facilities that anyone joining SPAM! may individually provide, demonstrating how a local dimension may become a “network” in the map of the contemporary creativity. This transformation is possible thanks to the trust and participation of the municipalities of  Porcari, Viareggio, Massarosa and of the “Fondazione Cavanis” (Porcari)

Through the production of works, the programming of performances, concerts, forums, projections and through the artistic didactic, SPAM! aims to be a network for aggregating and experiencing art and contemporary cultural topics, able to represent a real alternative to the loneliness of a domestic use of culture.

SPAM! is an interdisciplinary project considering the contemporary artistic production a unique experience where the different forms of expression represent only different ways for reaching a unique goal.

SPAM! is an opportunity network to meet the artists and the ideas animating the contemporary arts scene.

SPAM! aims to contribute to the cultural and economic development of the area also through the creation of professional perspectives.

SPAM! wishes to collocate a line of economic sustainability allowing in the network the co-existence of a company (ALDES), a didactic project and a program.


SPAM! Rete per le arti contemporanee is an ALDES project
with the support of Regione Toscana, Provincia di Lucca, Comune di Porcari, Comune di Lucca, Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Lucca and Fondazione Cavanis di Porcari
In collaboration with Barga Jazz (season 2016), Cluster - Associazione Compositori Lucca (season 2014 > 2016)

> media partners: Il Tirreno, La Nazione,  Rumor(s)cena, Lo sguardo di Arlecchino

SPAM! is member of Resartis Transartists