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part IX of Il migliore dei mondi possibili
CHOREOGRAPHIES for "VIENI VIA CON ME" tv programme by/with Fabio Fazio and Roberto Saviano Mondays, November 2010/RAI 3     by ROBERTO CASTELLO
in collaboration with (performers): Michele Abbondanza, Alessandro Bernardeschi, Antonella Bertoni, Raffaella Giordano, Giorgio Rossi, Caterina Sagna, Biagio Caravano, Fabio Ciccalè, Silvia Gribaudi, Alessandra Moretti, Stefano Questorio, Aldo Rendina, Ambra Senatore
and (performers): Caterina Basso, Silvia Berti, Luca Campanella, Elisa Capecchi, Claudia Catarzi, Sara Catellani, Luisa Contessa, Valentina Moar, Mariano Nieddu, Fabio Pagano, Stefania Rossetti, Irene Russolillo, Sara Simeoni, Luca Tomao, Irene Urati
assistant: Ilaria Landi
production co-ordination: Stefania Donnini
music: 'Vieni via con me' by Paolo Conte - arrangement by Daniele Di Gregorio
  • © Sfavillante_4a puntata_foto Roby Schirer_129cB.jpg



In the production history of the company this television experience, entitled "Sfavillante" (Sparkling), forms the ninth part of The Best of Possible Worlds and is the final piece to be done in performance format - the project will come to a close with a publication.
Whereas in 2002 Part one "La forma delle cose" (The Shape of Things - winner of the 2002 UBU Prize) began with some sad zapping in front of a TV screen, now, in an odd symmetry of fate, the company has ended up giving shape to the chaos from behind that same screen.




Marinella Guatterini - IL Sole 24ORE - 23 November 2010
“Not only post-politics. At “Vieni via con me” anti-bimbo contemporary dance holds the floor”.
“Mama RAI has (nearly) always favoured conventional dance. Suddenly, “Vieni via con me” has swept dance hall rust and dance chick clichés away by opening its ranks to the “eternally excluded”: contemporary dance choreographers and performers. A decades-awaited Copernican revolution, a smart move by the show’s authors ultimately pulled off by them: the performers and creators. Who apparently have notched up the highest audience share of the Fazio Saviano format thus far. Add to that all the visitors to the Compagnia Aldes website of Roberto Castello, who guided the TV appearances, and the audience becomes truly immense. Castello has been generous, calling on former and recent colleagues and friends. All with rich curricula - they shouldn’t be forgotten by RAI when “Vieni via con me” [Come away with me - ndt] really has gone away (...). All of them are still on the crest of the wave, yet always with that frustrating heroism of Italian artists “of the body”, practically forgotten by public funding and even deprived of the basic media visibility and professional recognisability they more than deserve. (…) There is a rare inventiveness both in the costumes and in camerawork that is careful to pick up on body details: from faces right down to feet. Plenty of innovation combined with nods to tradition, such as the group ‘à la Kantor’ advancing downstage - again in the 22 November episode - and then one big, unbridled, up-close and impeccably professional group effort keep the viewer glued to the screen. Hard to dare zap. (…)