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theater performance for children ("The Tree of Happiness")
project by/with GIACOMO VERDE   teaser video >>> link
set realisation : SILVIA AVIGO
computer graphics: GIACOMO VERDE
production: ALDES
with the support of: MIBACT/ Ministero per i beni e le attività culturali e del turismo - Direzione Generale Spettacolo dal vivo, REGIONE TOSCANA/Sistema Regionale dello Spettacolo
length: 55 min. ~
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    © Roberto Castello
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    © Roberto Castello
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    © Roberto Castello

L'albero della felicità (The Tree of Happiness) is a narrative performance, using video holograms, based on a splendid traditional Polish fairy tale "The Magic Apple Tree". This work, created for children and dedicated to parents, lasts approximately 55 minutes.
The characters of the story, who are shown through a “little holographic theatre”, appear in 3D graphics as an “alternative” way to make use of some of the programmes normally employed for the creation of characters and situations in video games. This allows theatre to take advantage of the potential of new digital narration technologies. The aesthetics of computer graphics, so familiar to digital natives, are used both to illustrate an ancient fairy tale and to renew the tradition of the “storyteller” and “puppet theatre” in a manner oriented toward the future of theatre.

- A smaller (intimate) version of the performance is available -


review excerpts  >>>

Libero Scoccimarra - Valdinievole Eventi Toscana – 17/10/2016

Luigi Scardigli - Meglio Meno – 16/10/2016

Igor Vazzaz - Lo sguardo di arlecchino - 18/3/2016

Libero Scoccimarra - Valdinievole Eventi Toscana – October 17th, 2016
"... A performance that, in its simplicity, finds its completeness in the skill of the Storyteller and the complexity of the small scenic device that seems like a real alchemy between wood, celluloid, software and monitor, making it seem appropriate for all of us, regardless of age ...”.

Luigi Scardigli - Meglio Meno – October 16th, 2016
"... Giacomo Verde is an expert transformer: he takes advantage of innovation to tell the old; a perfectly successful operation. The Tree of Happiness is a novella for young and old that entrusts itself to the evocative and magic charge of three dimensions. ...”.

Igor Vazzaz - Lo sguardo di arlecchino – March 18th, 2016
"... Technology and invention, computer and brain (with the help of the arm) ...”