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The first Studio, “Essere” awarded Semi-Finale at Scenario Prize 2013
project by Claudia Caldarano
on stage: Claudia Caldarano
music: live self produced by loopstation
production: ALDES
in collaboration with : Centro Artistico iI Grattacielo, mo-wan teatro, CIRC, MosaicoDanza
with the support of: Mibac MINISTERO per i Beni e le Attività Culturali / Direz. Gen. spettacolo dal vivo, REGIONE TOSCANA / Sistema Regionale dello Spettacolo
  • © C. Caldarano

What is the basis of my knowledge?
If the world you see is the result of the world you can see, then what is what you can see?
It is you.
The knowledge of death is the content and condition of all knowledges.  God is in the time.
So the human being enters into the time, has time, has a defined space of life, becomes a withe paper, and starts to desire. The desire is to be lacking. The time is meaningless.
Even the word is meaningless, but we can't live without it because what remains is the constant search for a way to say what is unsayable. Every human effort is a fight that is acted on the river of time. This man's effort is the continuous lack of its possible. Being is the constant attempt to assert ourselves. In Essere the stage is a map. The scene is the space of Claudia's mind that tries to define herself. She is astonished by existence and by the fact of existing. That's the Drama of temporal dimension, in which phenomenons are revealed, opposites are definite: What is divided, what is border, what is limit between inner and externa self, represents the effort of the mind to capture one istant of D'IO. The unity of I and All can be caught through a psychedelic vision or in the syntactic error or in the paradox, in the absurd nature. Claudia is connected with many herself. She is in a kaleidoscopic dialogue between cerebral areas and languages.