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project ALINE NARI
concept and choreography: ALINE NARI
installation: ALINE NARI
production ALDES (2016)
with the support of: MIBACT - MINISTERO per i Beni e le Attività Culturali e del turismo / Direz. Generale per lo spettacolo dal vivo, REGIONE TOSCANA / Sistema Regionale dello Spettacolo
duration of the performance runs from 1h to 4,5h a day
  • © Valbino
  • © Marco Pezzati
  • © Marco Pezzati

Danze minute is a one to one dance performance. It's an invitation to a short but intense dialogue between performer and spectator and a conceptual experiment on the formal minimal elements of the show: a game on an emotional edge.
This piece was conceived and premiered in March 2000 by Aline Nari and it was among the first performances playing on a one to one relation with the audience and the only one who is focused on the concept of “minute”: these dances are minutes 'cause their duration is one minute, but also because in the performance everything is reduced to a minimum, intimate and detailed dimension. One perfomer, one spectator, a minute space, a minute gesture: a poetical declaration that insists on the limit between public and private and on the mistery of details.
Nowadays, after almost one thousand one to one performances, it is accompanied also by an installation titled  "The spectator as an object" which collects some of the personal objects given from the audience  in order to join their minute dance. Every object is a witness, a trace, an evidence of a fleeting and absolute relationship.



A black box is placed. The dancer (Aline Nari) is inside and waits.
Every single person is introduced by a man with a top hat (Paolo Gentiluomo) to the rule of the game. The spectator has to choose a number on a menu and give a personal object as a payment. There is a pair of shoes for every number on the menu and a dance for every pair of shoes.
Then the spectator is invited to enter the black curtain where he will join his minute dance.

Duration of the performance runs from 1,5h to 4,5h a day. For example 3 sections of 90 minutes with a 30 minutes pause between the first two sections and 1h  pause before the last one.
Usually 23/25 persons can assist to their minute dance in a section of 1,5 hour.

It is not possible to book for a dance. People has to queue up and wait before entering the black box and see their dance. Waiting, choosing, observing the reaction of the other people before or after their dance, looking at the installation is already part of the performance.
The performance has to be free entrance.

Danze minute has been represented in different sites and situations:, theatres halls, museums, libraries, parks, theatre stages, churches, pubs, and etc during dance and theatre festivals, exibitions, vernissages

The DM performance can be even performed outdoor but it's important to choose a silent place. It's nice if the audience has also other things to see (exibitions, other performances) or to do (eating and drinking) and they are not just simply obliged to wait for their turn to enter.

DANZE MINUTE/ Technical details
A silent site
Space to place the structure (a black box based 3x3 m, height 2.5 m)
Black dance floor (3mq)
3 black or metal chairs
1  black or metal table/desk
Possibility to hang on the walls (or on stands) 6/8 panels 1m x 0.70m for the installation "The spectator as an object".
CD player and amplifier to be placed inside the structure

Lighting outside the box and on the panels has to be valued. The Company provides lamps to enlight inside the box.